Elder Creatures of Aeran

The Struggle between good and evil is a building block of most civilizations throughout the history of Aeran. It represents the meaning of existence itself to most cultures. Irrespective of race or creed, it is always portrayed two forces at work in the universe and whichever side one aligned one’s self with would define one’s journey through life and it’s final destination in the afterlife.

On the side of good was a pantheon of gods and spirits presided over by the supreme deity Oromasdes, creator of all things and, opposing the forces of Good and Just, was Aŋra Mainiiu the spirit of chaos, and confusion.

Opposite as they were, each side had hands creating a host of natural and unnatural beings that were used to further their dominance over the other. Although there are many different mythological creatures I have attempted to catalogue few that have played major roles in the struggle between Good and Evil.

  • Gavaevodata
  • Simurgh
  • Huma Bird
  • Chamrosh and Kamak
  • Al (also given as Hal)
  • Manticore
  • Peri
  • Suroosh and Daena
  • Jinn (Djinn)
  • Azhi Dahaka (Azhdaha)

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