Gavaevodata The Divine Bull

At the beginning, there was only Oromasdes. He looked upon the cosmos, from the primordial soup conjured an Orb to represent the blue sky, and filled it with water, and separated the water with Earth.gav-aēvō.dātā is the Primordial Bull (also known as the Uniquely Created Bull. Earth, he seeded with variety of vegetation, numbers untold.

Then He made the Primordial Bull, Gavaevodata was beautiful and holy, It is “white, bright like the moon, and measured three poles in height” and lived its life on fields of Veh Dashta close to the river Veh Daiti. It’s beauty raised anger and attracted the attention of Angra Mainyu who killed it. When the news reached Oromasdes, he transported the carcse to the moon and where he purified the Bull; from its purified seed came all animals who would feed on, and fertilize, the earth’s vegetation.

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