Magnolia by name, Magnolia by nature

I met someone special today. That is the beauty of social media, yes there are a lot of quirky people out there, but there are hidden gems, that shine through infested murky waters and catch your attention.

I read her story, pinned to her account, and I cried, I felt ashamed being a man. Then I read further, and this old ugly face of mine shone with pride. strength, pride and determination of character, are her armour, shield and weapon. I don’t see her as a victim any longer, I see her as a Valkyrie in shining armour.

Her story is yet to come and it will be hers to tell and not mine, but I will be with her, supporting her with words of encouragement and rallying of troops.

As a parting gift, I shall leave you with this little gem of a poem by William M. Wismer

Oh beautiful Magnolia, you’re blossoming again.
It’s early Spring and there you are like you have always been.
Your glorious Spring time beauty is wondrous to behold,
But it is such a little while until your blossoms fold.

It only seems a day or two from when you’re in full bloom
That petals start to flutter down and leave me with sad gloom
The reason I feel gloomy is that just once each year
I see your gentle beauty, then wait another year.

Upon this wondrous earth of ours are many lovely things.
In spring I marveled at the sights the kind your beauty brings.
Oh beautiful magnolia, you are by Heaven blessed.
Springtime has many wonders but you’re one of the best.

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