NaNoWriMo2019 – words of wisdom to adhere to

First of all, allow me to say this, the below words of wisdom’s are not by me. I read them in series of tweets by @the_nopes. So I need to say two things, before we start:

1- my sincere apologies for not asking permission prior to posting this. Please let me know if you want me to take this down.

2- my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the time you took to write these tweets. I have read them personally multiple times and I believe more people should read this. Hence the blog.

I believe if you are on tweeter, who isn’t after all, then please follow this user, if for nothing else, but this.

Now without further interruptions, here is the list of tweets in chronological order.

I’ve seen many writers asking about #NaNoWriMo (which starts this Friday). I did it last year, so I thought I’d share a mix of my experience & thoughts: NaNo’s goal is to write at least 50k words of a 1st draft.

Said goal requires you to write 1,7k words per day approx.

  1. Yes, that WC is madness for most of us slow/busy writers (I know this cuz I’m both, and I’ll have you know: I STRUGGLED).
  2. Making it to the 50k requires more than discipline: you’ll likely cancel plans,
  3. annoy loved ones, write shit prose, never know wtf is going on in the story, and lose some sleep. Most importantly, that draft might take you ages to finish/edit after November ends (see point 4; see me, still working on my NaNo 2018 monster) 5. But the thing is,
  4. you don’t have to write the 50k to win the real prize: developing an effective writing routine. I firmly believe that “winning” NaNo isn’t the point. The point is motivating yourself to write despite life getting in the way. I didn’t achieve the 1,7k daily word
  5. Count at least 5 times. Since I’m a panster, I barely ever knew what to put on the page. My draft was a mess, and it took me months to get back to it. But that draft existed, and it’s now a book I’m about to finish. NaNo’s word count goal made me put down my phone,
  6. quit wasting time, and type away because I. Had. To. Write. In doing so, I learned to produce. And we all know that a shit draft is better than no draft at all. It is OK to abstain from participating. It is OK to drop out. It is OK to write 10k or 20k. It is OK.
  7. to mute the keywords and never hear of NaNo again. It is also OK to win and never touch that draft again. We all have to choose what works for us, but if you are doubting, I’d humbly advise you to try. Don’t tell anyone. Don’t wonder whether you’ll make it.
  8. Don’t listen to the naysayers (they’ll be plenty of them, all with valid reasons. But do their reasons apply to you? Proceed accordingly). Do it your way. Don’t stress. Just write. Make of NaNo whatever you need it to be for yourself.

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