Brightly coloured, fierce in combat and deep hatred of all things evil. Simurgh is an enormous winged creature, with the head of a dog, body of a peacock, and claws of a lion bathed in flames. The tale of Shalyra is a sad one, being the last of her kind. She lived high in the Elborz Mountains, existing for a span of 1,700 years before on the last days of chaos war, she dove into a fire of her own creation and died. The tale of her rising from the ashes have echoed throughout the ages of men but she has not been seen.

Simurgh was thought to possess great wisdom. She taught men how to deliver a difficult birth and also instructed them in use of medicinal herbs for healing. In early myths, she is known as Saena, the Great Falcon, who sits in the upper branches of the Tree of All Seeds and, by fluttering her wings, sends seeds flying to the ground and across the world to find their way into the earth.

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